Friday, May 26, 2006

Garish Gardens Outlandish Lawns

Garish Gardens Outlandish Lawns: celebration of eccentric american landscaping by Ronald C. Modra

Not too much text is this tiny quirky tome but it sure is chalk full of hilarious photos! This cute little book glorifies all the over the top trailer trash rural fancified yards throughout the U.S. Plastic flowers tucked in tires, flowers planted in beds, peeing water statues, I could go on and on. Go ahead and grab it off the shelf if you see it at the library or bookstore and thumb through it for a minute. It’ll only take you five minutes to run through it and I guarantee you’ll get a giggle or two. -Flourish

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Front Yard Gardens

Front Yard Gardens: growing more than grass by Liz Primeau

I initially read this book about a year ago and picked it up again at the library last month. I loved this book. Liz talks about the ethics of growing just grass in the front yard as apposed to a full fledged garden including an ‘impoverished ecosystem’ and ‘chemical invasion’.

Although the majority of the focus is on northern gardens this book truly has something for everyone. Highlighting gardens and gardeners from North America we catch glimpses of some breathtaking front yard gardens in all sorts of different styles. There are design ideas galore all to inspire us to develop our own front yard gardens to encourage living creatures and socialization with our neighbors. Think about it ya’ll. When you’re walking your dog by a house with an array of plants displaying a ginormas amount of textures and colors don’t you slow down, maybe even stop, drop your jaw and ooh and ah at the bounty? When was the last time you did that at a stretch of grass? The old argument that grass takes less time to deal with in our already action packed 26 hour days falls a bit flat for author Liz and for me too. Having a variety of plants rather than the standard lawn can sometimes be lower maintenance than grass. She makes some convincing arguments to rip out that grass and install a nature loving oasis to bring joy and contentment to all. This book is a keeper. -Flourish

P.S. I guess you guys have figured out that I’ve been on a, hum, vacation for the past month or so. Actually I caught the fever. Spring fever, that is. I wish you could see how lovely my yard is on a quiet morning before the world wakes up.