Monday, April 03, 2006

Club Dead

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

It seems that vampire Bill (VB) has been working on something secret that requires him to go on a little trip. Turns out that he gets himself involved with his ex who also just happens to be a vampire which is fairly unheard of in that world. Bill is captured and tortured by a Mississippi group of vampires and guess who has to save the day? You got it, our favorite heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, cocktail waitress extraordinaire from rural northern Louisiana with a bit of a telepathic disability. Thankfully her mind reading works best with humans and not at all with vampires (yet, that is). Sookie goes to rescue VB even though she is hurt and pissed at his betrayal of her. Naturally, she saves the day, but not without a lot of pain and a lot of help. The help comes in the form of Alcide, who happens to be a Were, as in werewolf except that not all Weres are wolves, do you follow? Anyhow, Alcide is a real man’s man or maybe that should be he’s a realy lady’s man. Regardless, he is tough, kind, strong, sweet, and has manners. Sookie could really enjoy that except for her boyfriend, vampire Bill, and Alcide’s ex something, Debbie. That would be Debbie Pelt, shape shifter and all around bitch. I sense a cat (wolf?) fight coming on but not until much, much later.

An amazingly terrific cameo from the Man from Memphis aka Bubba, who is never referred to directly by name since it upsets him. Seems that something didn’t go quite right when he was brought over and this has left him a little off with a penchant for cat blood rather than human. He’s real sweet though and extremely protective of Sookie.

How does Charlaine come up with all this stuff? Just when I think that she’s used up all her surprises there are still yet more. She’s really done a great job of figuring out the nuisances of the Sookie’s supernatural world and she reveals many of them in this book. If I haven’t convinced you by now then stay tuned tomorrow and see if you’ll enjoy the next review. -Flourish


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OK I am going to get going and see if I can find her books - even wrote out one of my sticky notes to take with me.
I have just got to read these books.

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