Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Metro Girl

Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich

Don’t know how I managed it but this is actually the first of Janet’s books that I’ve read. I’ve gotta say that she lives up to the book jacket! “Creative cussing and sexual innuendo” indeed! Completely over the top with a truly unbelievable ride but wow what fun. Cute, thirty something single woman who can fix engines teams up with NASCAR guy with cars, boats, handcuffs, bad guys, worse guys, and more, more, more. A motley crew of groovy support characters all on a South Florida backdrop. They even drop by Joe’s Stone Crab. Everyone knows how tough it is to get into Joe’s.* Hey, what can I say? This book reminded me so much of home that I could practically feel the salty sea spray on my face and taste it in my mouth. I read it in two days and it was tons of fun. The next book, Motor Mouth, is coming out in October. -Flourish

*When you get there you will have to put your name on the list. No cheating and using your famous name. It won’t put you any further up the line anyway. You will have to wait a minimum of one solid hour for a table but boy or boy is it worth it. You will have the stone crab, of course, but you also must save room for key lime pie. Trust me here, it is the best. Honestly. Don’t forget to check to see if Joe’s is open because stone crab is only in season half the year and I hear tell that the waiters make so much money that they have ranches in South America where they live the rest of the year.


Blogger doubleknot said...

I am in Florida but your review makes my mouth water - sounds like a good story.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Christy said...

her books are great! I am a HUGE, huge fan. You need to check out the Stephanie Plum series.

8:33 AM  

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